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Lapel pin manufacturer at your service, custom made pins and badges in different materials created and manufactured since more than 20 years ! Our company provides custom metal lapel pin and custom badge and delivers theses promotional products to your address all around the world. The best price and quality of the market.

We can transform any logo into the perfect custom lapel pin. With over 20 years of experience helping 100 countries worldwide, We have the professional knowledge and keep improving our manufacturing skills. We offer special lapel pins, like sliding moving lapel pin, standing lapel pin, bobbing head lapel pin, hinged lapel pin, spinning lapel pin etc., personalized lapel pin efficiently for your customized design. Our custom lapel pins are the perfect way to raise awareness.

  • Product Dimensions: 56mm*50mm*2mm
  • Item Weight: 0.075kg
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Base Color: Custom color
  • Package Dimensions: 70mm*55mm
  • Clasp: Butterfly
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    Custom-Police badges, Hard enamel badge/lapel pin, 3D badge/lapel pin, Souvenir badge/lapel pin, sports badge/lapel pin

    Kingtai is a well-known lapel pin, enamel badges manufacturer in China. We produce a wild range of metal promotional products such as police badges, hard enamel badge/lapel pin, 3D badge/lapel pin, souvenir badge/lapel pin, sports badge/lapel pin, and more.

    Additionally, we customize according to your preference. We have a quality control department to monitor and produce our product. For this contorling, our products can help you to increase and maintain your great reputation from your customers.

    When ordering Metal Badge/Lapel pin you can be sure that each design will be unique and exceptional. Pins can be a great idea for a gift promoting a company, sports club, association or as a commemorative gift from a place or event.Welcome for telling us your requirements.

    Badge Lapel pin custom manufacturer
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    Why choose KINGTAI custom enamel pin

    Fast turnaround

    We can meet almost any deadline due to our multiple tiers of production times.

    Quality Guarantee

    We only use the best factories and hand-inspect every order to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Low MOQ

    Whether you need 10 or 10,000 pins, we’ve got you covered with a fair price. 

    Custom kitting

    Custom backer cards and packaging on every order.

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