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Antique Medals

Custom Antique Medals

Kingtai is a time-honored supplier&bulk wholesaler for customized antique medals. We have our own feature and experience of making these kind of medals. We have the traditional processes and the latest technique, combining them together, which makes the medals comes out with high quality, competitive price and environment friendly. Using different plating processes, surface processes, texture, structures, we produce medals could satisfy almost every request of our clients. Antique medals are like a mirror, connecting the people from the old time and show us those incredible stories and records, taking us to be past..
Customizing the antique medals could also be simple. As one of the largest antique medals wholesalers& Custom made medals suppliers, Kingtai is making the customizing easy to achieve. You only need 3 steps to make your own custom medals. First, send us your art work or tell us your thoughts about the design, requirement and quantity so that we could give your solutions with quotations accordingly. Then, confirm the effect and quotations, we start making samples. Third, after the samples were confirmed, choose the shipment term and pay deposit of the bulk, then we would start to produce your very own products. Click here to start your unique customizing experience of medals and more.