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Here at KINGTAI, we are proud to offer the largest available selection of custom medals anywhere!We will work directly with you to develop your personalized gifts throughout the whole process starting from its beginning stages to the final product.

An extensive range of medals for all sports is available at Olympia Trophies Corporate. These medals come in gold, silver, and bronze and can be engraved with the name of the recipient and the date.

Medals are available as sculptured sporting medals which depict the action of the sport or a fancy medal with a plain center where the relevant sport can be attached in the center in the form of an acrylic button.

All sports are catered for and we can custom make the center to suit the customers brief.

All colors of neck ribbons are available from plain yellow, red, blue, green, to combinations such as pink/purple, green/gold, blue/orange and so on. Customers can select from the range on the website to match their club and school colors.

  • Product Dimensions: 150*150*4
  • Item Weight: 0.159kg
  • Material: Zinc alloy copper
  • Base Color: Custom color
  • Package Dimensions: Custom packaging
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    The source factory supports various customizations

    Nowadays, many authorizations and rewards have already appeared in the form of medals. For example, we often see the authorized sales medals of automobile manufacturers in a 4S shop, the honor medals issued by a certain industry association to the enterprise, and so on.

    The characteristics of these medals are personalized customization, processing different styles of LOGO patterns, colors and texts onto the medals.

    This kind of medal can be made of wood, crystal, copper, stainless steel or titanium.

    There are many types of medals, with different shapes and sizes.

    We can meet a variety of different needs of medal customization, medal customization, medal processing, and customize your own unique medals for you.


    How to Order Custom Medals

    At KINGTAI, everyone wins so we make ordering your personalized gifts simple. You have the opportunity to customize and add individual touches to the following:

    Design: Choose What Artwork or Logo You Want to Use Incorporating Color, Text and Imagery

    Shape: Any Shape Medal Can Be Created

    Size: Custom

    Colors: Choose From an Array of Colors

    Medal Finishes: Gold Antique, Silver Antique, Bronze Antique, Gold Polished, Silver Polished and Bronze Polished All Available with Colorfill

    Neck Ribbons: Choose from Printed, Sateen, Solid Color or Custom Print Your Own Neck Ribbon

    Your custom medal is sure to be one of a kind. We can recreate your existing design/logo or create new artwork at no obligation.

    Our staff is expertly trained to help guide you through every step of the process no matter how large or small your budget may be. To receive the perfect custom medal of your choice, Contact us now!

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    Why choose KINGTAI custom

    Fast turnaround

    We can meet almost any deadline due to our multiple tiers of production times.

    Quality Guarantee

    We only use the best factories and hand-inspect every order to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Low MOQ

    Whether you need 10 or 10,000 pins, we’ve got you covered with a fair price. 

    Custom kitting

    Custom backer cards and packaging on every order.


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    Introduction to the craftsmanship of custom medals

    The specific process can be divided into: stamping, hydraulic pressure, electroplating, baking varnish, enamel, printing, sticker dripping, corrosion, etc.

    Stamping involves copper, iron, aluminum stamping; zinc alloy, tin alloy, aluminum alloy die-casting;

    Corrosion involving copper, Stainless steel, aluminum corroded or hollowed out; stamped product patterns The pattern is clear and full, and the three-dimensional relief effect is strong.

    The electroplating surface is complete, detailed, uniform, consistent in hue and gloss, without obvious roughness, blistering, scorching, cracks, scratches, delamination and other electroplating defects.

    The painted parts are in place and do not leak the bottom. After the workers have manually polished them, go to The burr on the edge of the product is removed, and the surface of the painted product is smooth without crosses, bubbles, dirt, regular edges, smooth, and no burrs.

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