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  • Enamel Pins: 5 Tips To Keep Them From Falling Off

    Enamel pins are a fun way to show off your interests, hobbies, and personality. Unfortunately, pins that are not secured properly can easily become undone and fall off. If you've ever lost a pin, you'll know how frustrating that is. If your pins keep falling off, their p...
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  • How do sports teams use custom pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers With the development of society and the progress of the technology , people's spiritual and cultural life has been greatly improved, thus more and more people paid attention to the spirit of sports , and in this case...
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  • How do corporations use custom pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers As the time goes by, Custom pins often feature the company logo or branding colors. Some companies use these pins when entering competition events or displaying their trucks at trade shows. Others give them out to em...
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  • Why do Car Dealerships Use Custom Lapel Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers Car dealerships use custom lapel pins for below 4 reasons: 1. for brand recognition, 2. to give as a present to new customers, thank sincere customers, 3. to award great employees, 4. for sales events, etc.. 1.For br...
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  • Why Do Trucking Companies Use Custom Lapel Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers ‍Because custom lapel pins for trucking companies help to increase brand belonging feel, customer keeping, and work environment spirit. Trucking companies have customized trucker lapel pins to promote their business ...
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  • How To Make Custom Hard Enamel Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers Most people consider that making custom hard enamel pins is a long and complicated process. It’s actually pretty simple, and in most cases, it doesn’t take longer than 2-4 weeks. So, how do you make custom hard ename...
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  • Find the Best Custom Hard Enamel Pin Manufacturer

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers One of the biggest problems is finding a reliable and fairly priced custom hard enamel pin factory with great customer service and quick turnaround times. What is a fair price to pay? How long will it take to receive...
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  • What Are The Different Types Of Custom Lapel Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers When purchasing custom enamel pins the first you need to make is to decide on the manufacturing process. After that you need to choose your paint style, electroplating finish and packaging options. The following is a...
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  • How do Soccer Clubs use Custom Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers Soccer clubs often need to order custom lapel pins to honor their top donors, motivate players, celebrate feats, give them away as rewards, or sell them to other people. Here are more ways for soccer clubs to use pin...
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  • How to Make Custom Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers Designing one-of-a-kind, high-quality soft lapel pins is a cinch when you use Kingtai. Here’s how the process works! Whether you’re playing your first gig as a punk rock band or preparing for a prestigious university...
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  • Soft Enamel Pins VS Hard The True Difference

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers The easiest way to tell the difference between soft enamel and hard enamel pins is their appearance. Soft enamel pins have a rigid, three-dimensional surface that allows you to feel the design when you touch the pin....
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  • How Do I Order Custom Lapel Pins

    custom lapel pin Manufacturers At KINGTAI Crafts, we specialize in creating custom Lapel pins for companies and individuals alike. With many years in the business, KINGTAI knows just about every trick in the book regarding pin design. We offer a w...
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