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How to wear military lapel pins

As a special decoration, the military badge has a profound historical background and cultural connotation. It is not only a symbol of honor and identity, but also a way to show one's own style and personality. Whether it is on a military occasion or a civilian social occasion, wearing a military badge can show a person's spiritual outlook and taste charm. Therefore, understanding the types, selection, wearing and maintenance skills of military badges will help you better display your own style and personality characteristics, and it will also help you better understand and feel the honor and courage of soldiers.

Overview of military badges:

Military insignia is a symbol representing the army and military honor, usually made of metal or plastic, showing the identity and achievements of the army in the form of patterns and colors. At the same time, military badges are also a kind of decoration, as part of clothing and accessories, showing the bravery and dignity of soldiers. Military insignias vary in design and often include aspects of military logos, military honors, special merit, and personal status.

History of Military Badges:

The history of military insignia dates back to ancient times, and various cultures have a tradition of displaying honor and status in the form of patterns and colors. In the Middle Ages, the badges used by the army were mainly composed of elements such as national emblems, military flags, shields and weapons. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the design of military badges began to tend to be standardized and standardized, becoming a symbol of honor with strict meaning and structure.

Types of military badges:

According to the different classifications and fields of the army, the types of military badges are also different. It can be classified according to country, service, military rank, unit, position, special forces and honor: (1) Country: Badges indicating the identity of the country to which it belongs, such as the national emblem of the United States, the red star of the Soviet Union, etc. (2) Armed Forces: Badges representing the identities of different arms, such as Army, Navy, Air Force, Artillery, Engineers, Air Defense, etc. (3) Military rank: Badges indicating different military ranks, such as lieutenant officer, captain, lieutenant colonel, senior colonel, major general, lieutenant general, general, etc. (4) Troops: Badges representing the identities of different troops, such as tanks, infantry, special forces, scouts, snipers, commanders, etc. (5) Position: Badges indicating the identity of different positions, such as special engineer, translator, medical soldier, pilot, etc. (6) Special Forces: badges representing special combat duties, such as SEALs, Green Berets, paratroopers, etc. (7) Honors: Badges indicating honor and achievement status, such as bravery medals, distinguished service medals, meritorious service medals, etc.

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Choose a military badge

Choose military badges according to the occasion:

When choosing a military badge, you first need to consider the occasion. If it is used on formal occasions, such as participating in military rallies, award ceremonies, celebrations, etc., you need to choose a formal and solemn badge, usually choose the national emblem, army logo, military rank badge, medal of honor, etc. In competitions or field training, you can choose badges with more military characteristics, such as special forces logos, troop badges, etc.

Choose military badges according to personal preference:

Some military badges are very beautifully designed and have various styles. Some people may choose based on their own preferences. For example, if they like a certain military branch or unit, they can choose the corresponding badge for collection or wearing. This method of selection is based on personal interests and hobbies, and there are not many restrictions on wearing and wearing when going out.

Choose the military badge that suits you:

Finally, and most importantly, you need to choose a military insignia that suits your identity and duties. For example, if you are a soldier, you need to choose a badge that matches your rank, service and unit. On the contrary, if you are a non-soldier, you need to choose a badge that suits your identity and occupation. For example, as a relative or supporter of a soldier, you can choose to support soldiers, Admire military badges such as the "Proud To Be A Veteran Of My Father" badge, etc. In short, when choosing a military badge, you need to consider the occasion of use, personal preferences, and suit your own identity. Only by choosing the right badge can you show your identity and dignity.

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United States Marine Corps emblem
emblem of the U.S

Wearing Military Badges

As a professional manufacturer of military badges, I will state the specific wearing methods of military badges separately. The following is the specific content

Choice of wearing position:

The military badge is a symbol of honor and status, and the wearing position should comply with the regulations to respect and commend the honor and status of soldiers. The usual wearing positions include: military caps, epaulets, chest badges, armbands, collar flowers, etc. The wearing position should match the military clothing, and it cannot be hung upside down, tilted or overlapped with other decorations.

How to wear the military badge:

- Military Cap: The badge should be worn in the center of the cap, up and down between the brim and the brim.

- Epaulettes: worn on the shoulders of the uniform, parallel to the shoulder seam, fitting the shoulders of the uniform, and worn on the left and right should be consistent.

- Chest badge: worn on the chest of the uniform, two buttons away from the upper right collar, the height should be consistent with the badge on the left, pay attention to the horizontal and vertical positions.

- Armbands: worn on the cuffs of the uniform, the sleeves are naturally vertical downwards, and the armbands should fit the sleeves and be worn close to the cuffs.

- Collar: Worn on the left chest of the uniform, the collar should hang down and not be too snug.


- Military badges should be worn on appropriate occasions, and should not be worn on inappropriate occasions, such as weddings and other non-military events.

- Pay attention to the matching of the badge and the uniform when wearing it, and avoid duplication or mismatch in color and style.

- Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the badge when wearing it to avoid contamination and damage.

- The military insignia is an honor and the wearer should maintain modesty and respect and not use it to exaggerate his status or compare himself with others.

Maintenance of military badges

To avoid damage:

Military badges are often made of materials such as metal or plastic, so extra care is required to avoid bumping, rubbing and damage. Avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity can also prolong its lifespan.

Cleaning Military Badges:

When cleaning military badges, wipe them gently with a dry cloth and avoid using cleaners such as water or chemical solutions that will corrode the badges. Badges can be re-sanded to restore their luster if they have not been used for an extended period of time.

Storage of military badges:

Military badges should be stored in a box or carrier to protect them from moisture or wear as much as possible. Wipe and inspect the badge regularly to ensure it is in good condition.


The function of the military badge:

As an important part of the military system, the military badge aims to commend and encourage those who have made outstanding contributions in the military cause, and it is also a symbol of honor and spirit of the army.

Significance of wearing military insignia:

Wearing a military insignia can showcase personal honor and achievement, while also inspiring others to contribute to their country and society.

Collection value of military badges:

As a witness of history and culture, military badges have high collection value, especially some rare badges or badges worn by patriots in history, their value will be reflected.

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