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  • Custom Football Medals: Celebrating Excellence on the Field

    The Significance of Football Medals in Sportsmanship and Recognition Football medals are not just tokens of participation; they are emblems of triumph, perseverance, and the collective spirit of the game. In the realm of sports, these medals serve as tangible ...
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  • Why Custom Pins Are The Best Way To Fundraising And Building Awareness

    Custom pins are very suitable for fundraising activities or building brand awareness for businesses. Customized badges are small in size, easy to customize, easy to transport, easy to store, not easy to rot, and have good profits because they are not very expensive. Your...
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  • What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Enamel Pins

    What’s the difference between hard and soft enamel? Soft enamel pins have raised metal edges that give them texture, are less expensive, and offer more design flexibility. Hard enamel pins are smooth and shiny, more durable, and take longer to make. Creating your first c...
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  • How To Use Custom Lapel Pins For Motivate Employees?

    Custom Lapel pins can be used as a component of corporate identity on employees. A lot of organizations used a customized lapel pin to motivate the employees and enhance their morale. Employees look good when they wear custom lapel pins, and these pins help promote your ...
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  • How To Choosing The Right Attachment For Your Custom Lapel Pins?

    As an exquisite handicraft, Custom Enamel Pins is popular among people all around the world. It is always considered as the representative or symbol of someone or something in an era. In addition, custom lapel pins have become a fashionable collection, one of the essenti...
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  • Top Five Reasons Why You Need Lapel Pins

    1. Corporate Lapel Pins Build Brand and Name Recognition. Many large and medium-sized enterprises produce unique lapel pins and badges, which can be seen at a glance in daily contact with representatives from certain enterprises and companies. ...
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  • What is a military badge

    Military badges are decorative badges worn on military uniforms, also known as dress badges or military medals. They are a special decoration and mark of recognition in the military, used to display a soldier's rank, honor, achievement and status. Materials for...
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  • What do the pins on military uniforms mean

    custom medals Manufacturers The insignia on the military uniform is of great significance, the following is a description of its importance: Symbol of military status and honor: The badge on the military uniform is a symbol of...
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  • How to Display Enamel Pins – Top 10 Ways

    Do you have a love for collecting pins? If so, how do you display them? Do you have a dedicated spot on your shelf or in your backpack? Maybe they just take up space in a drawer. You can display enamel pins in several ways. Typical solutions include hanging fabrics, beau...
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  • Want More Shiny Coins, Try These Enamel Options

    Want More Shiny Coins, Try These Enamel Options

    As a currency and collectible, coins have always been loved by people. However, for coin collectors who prefer something more unique and shiny, enamel has emerged as a new option for producing a variety of eye-catching coins. If you're also craving brighter coins, follow...
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  • How to wear military lapel pins

    How to wear military lapel pins

    custom medals Manufacturers As a special decoration, the military badge has a profound historical background and cultural connotation. It is not only a symbol of honor and identity, but also a way to show one's own styl...
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  • Knowledge Popularization Of Emblems–Military Emblems Of The U.S. Army

    Knowledge Popularization Of Emblems–Military Emblems Of The U.S. Army

    custom medals Manufacturers With the development and progress of society, military power plays an increasingly important role in maintaining national security. The organization, construction and management of the army a...
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