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What is a military badge

Military badges are decorative badges worn on military uniforms, also known as dress badges or military medals. They are a special decoration and mark of recognition in the military, used to display a soldier's rank, honor, achievement and status.

Materials for military pins

Military badges are usually made of metal and have unique shapes and designs. They can be pins or badges with pins that are fastened to the collar, shoulders, chest, or hat on military uniforms. The appearance and identification symbols of the insignia are often related to the service, unit or specific achievement, so that the military can be identified and recognized.

Common Types

Here are many types of military insignia, including medals of honor, medals, badges and medals. These badges are awarded in accordance with military-specific regulations and honor systems to recognize outstanding contributions to combat operations, acts of bravery, excellence, rescue operations, professional competence, or long service.

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Wear Position

Wearing military badges is one of the basic requirements for soldiers to march in peacetime, and it is also a must-have accessory for military salutes and formal attire. Badge placement and regulations are also strict to ensure accuracy and compliance. Wearing the military badge not only shows personal honor and achievement, but also a kind of respect and recognition for the organization and service.

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In summary, a military badge is a decorative badge on a military uniform that represents a soldier's rank, honor, achievement, and identity. They are an important symbol in the army, commending and affirming the outstanding contributions of soldiers, and play an important visual role in the guard of honor and military activities.

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