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Leading Manufacturer of Medals In China

SGS Disney certificated manufacturer;Universal Studio certficated manufacturer

If you are looking for custom medals from China, KINGTAI is the best choice for you at factory prices.

Since 1996, we produced millions of personalized medals and trophies for our customers from 150 countries with creative designers and advanced machinery and equipment.

As a professional award medals manufacturer, we are the real source medals factory with 70 workers and whole production process from draft to shipment.

We have in-house team for manufacturing, designing, printing, and engraving; thus maintaining quality and perfection in everything. We make every piece admirable and unique to serve you satisfaction in every delivery.

We offer them to choose any colors, shapes, and size as per their requirements. If necessary, we also do customization to meet their expectation with desirable text and images.

We take care of every step from understanding our clients’ requirements to manufacturing to delivery.

Free samples before product manufacturing will help you to check the quality of the products and modification of the specifications.

Our logistics partners ensure about the safe and timely delivery to any location.

If you want to design and make unique kinds of medals, talk to our specialist to share your requirements.

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Types of Medals

I509001:2008,Walmart, SEDEX, FDA.

Sports Medals

Sports Medals

With a wide variety of medal designs, sizes, and neck ribbons.

You can design a truly memorable customized medal for your next athletic event.

We have designed awards in stock for every sport- if you do it.

We also support custom your own medal.

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Military Medals

Military Medals

The Military Medal (MM) was a military decoration awarded to personnel of the Army and other arms of the armed forces, and to personnel of other ...

Custom logo and theme on military medals with free personalized design.

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Religious Medals

Religious Medals

Religious medal plays a crucial part in spiritual lives.

Today, Catholic medals have become a refined art and are made of quality materials such as gold, silver and pewter.

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Blank Medals

Blank Medals

Blank medals are a combination of die struck brass and die cast zinc medals.

We support engraving or imprinting logo service in various sizes and finishes.

You can choose the location of logo, on the front or back of the medal.

Our creative designers will help you determine the best options for customization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you an original medals manufacturer?

Yes, we are an original medals manufacturer, and we are an original production factory with complete procedures from artwork to shipping.

2. What is your MOQ for custom medals?

As a professional medals factory, we provide OEM & ODM service, and we have no MOQ.

3. How long to get a pre-production sample of awards medals?

Normal samples time of custom medal is 5-7 days but longer when it is special or complex.

4. How do you ensure every product is in good quality?

As one of the largest medals manufacturers in china, we have quality inspectors for every process in our medals factory.

Every medal has to be carefully checked to ensure that there is no problem with quality in the current and previous processes.

All need to be checked before being to the next process.

If we find that there are defects, we will solve them immediately.

5. If we want custom medals, what information should we have to you?

Please offer the design logo by EPS, AI, CDR (Vector format with fonts converted to outlines or curves and include size, quantity, and colors).

6.What is the delivery time of the medals?

Sample time: 7-9 days, production: 12-15 days, shipment: 3-5days

[ Free Artwork ] Can I get free artwork and revise it without limit?

Yes, you can. We offer you free artwork and proof for your medal within 24 hours. And our excellent designer team will try their best to turn your idea into artwork. You can revise it without limit until you are satisfied with it.

For special medal designs like 3D medals, we will draw 3D rendering. So just try it!

[ Thickness ] How thick are my customized medals?

In general, the thickness of custom enamel medals is better 3-5mm while that of UV printed medals is 2-3mm. The standard thickness is free.

You can choose the thickness according to your custom medal. The thicker medal just costs a little extra fee.

[ Shape ] Can I design my medal with any shapes?

Yes, you can. Custom medals can meet your requirements. The popular shape is circle and shield. If you have no idea about your medal shape, you can learn more info on how to design your custom medals.

[ Size ] Can I design small or overlarge medals?

Of course. KINGTAI is pleased to make all medals of different sizes. In our system, we provide the size ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Other sizes can also be customized.

[ Color ] How many colors can I use in my medals?

No limit! 4 colors or less is free. Then, adding one color will be charged the corresponding fee.

[ Different Numbers/Names ] Can I design different numbers or names on each medal?

Certainly. We know that the medal is personalized for your participants. So we offer an exclusive service. KINGTAI often uses laser engraving to realize it. Meanwhile, an extra fee will be charged.

But if you want to your names or numbers with the metal line, they need extra molds. And you need to make separate order ( we call it "AB ORDERS"), and these orders will be produced and shipped at the same time.

[ Engraving ] What kind of engraving do you do?

We have provided laser engraving ( 0.17 $ per medal ) and deep engraving with color filled ( 0.60$ per medal ).

[ Photograph/Photo/Image ] Can I use my favorite photograph or photo on my medal design?

Of course you can. We offer fast UV printed medals and gloss dome insert medals. Both can use it. But we strongly recommend you to offer high quality and clear photographs and photos above 350 DPI in case of unclear printing.

We accept .jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .png, .psd or .bmp files.

[ Medal Ribbons ] Can I choose my own medal ribbons for my custom made medals?

Yes! You can! Although our system provides some neck medal ribbons, you can choose according to your favor. 2 types of medal ribbons for you to pick up- economical polyester lanyards and soft dye sublimated lanyards. You even add your logo to your custom medal ribbons!

[ Start ] How can I get a custom medal?

You have 3 choices at KINGTAI.

The first one is to click our easy-operational Automated Quotation System. The system has a clear choice to help you make a decision. Just 1 minute to make your own medal online.

The second one is to contact our customer service. Tell us your requirements and we will help you finish it together.

The last one is our newly-developed medal design online system - an interesting paradise for you with much time, imagination and creativity. There are massive templates and elements for you to start your own medal.

[ Materials ] What are the custom medallions made of?

At KINGTAI, they are usually made of metal materials like iron, steel or zinc alloy.

You will commonly see 6 popular types of medals. No.1 Antique medals. No. 2 Soft Enamel Medals. No,3 Hard Enamel Medals. No.4 Shiny and Sandblast Medals. No.5 Stock-Shaped Medals. No.6 UV Printed Medals. These medals have their own features to meet your needs.

[ Quantity & Cost ] How much do custom made medals cost?

Our custom medals cost under $3.02. Some medals are even as low as $0.54/pc. Because we consider some customers' small needs from 1-10000. Custom Medals No Minimum! Moreover, no fee for free artwork and shipping. Therefore, do not worry about your budget!

[ Mold Fee ] Do you charge a mold fee?

Yes, we do. We will charge a mold fee. But we will keep your mold for 2 years. It means that if your medal design is not changed, you can place an order again without a mold fee. This is our gratitude to our regular customers.

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We pride ourselves on our superior craftsmanship and product excellence in the custom medals industry. If you need custom medals cheap but good quality for any occasion, we are your one stop factory.

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