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How are medals awarded |KINGTAI

A medal or medallion is a small portable piece of art, usually a thin disc of metal, with a design, usually on the sides. They usually have some kind of commemorative purpose, and many are awarded as awards. They may be designed to be worn, hung on clothing or jewelry in a certain way. They can be struck with a die or die cast like a coin.

Medals can be awarded to individuals or organizations as recognition for athletic, military, scientific, cultural, academic, or various other achievements. Military awards and medals are more precise terms for certain types of national decorations. Medals can also be made and sold to commemorate a specific person or event, or as a work of artistic expression in their own right. In the past, medals commissioned for individuals, often bearing their likeness, were often used as a form of diplomatic or personal gift, rather than as a reward for the recipient's actions.

Artists who create medals or medals are called "medal recipients." Medals have long been popular collectibles.

Many medals were and are made of several different metals, either representing awards at different locations in the competition, standards or grades, like Olympic medals, or just different prices for medals sold or donated by commissioners Level. Historically, medals have served as prizes for various athletic events, especially athletics. The first, second and third prize gold, silver and bronze medals were first used at the 1904 Summer Olympics. In the 1896 event, the silver medal was awarded to the champion and the bronze to the runner-up, while in 1900 other awards were awarded instead of medals. The 2012 London Summer Olympics medals were the largest ever, reflecting the ever-increasing trend of Olympic medals.

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