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To better answer this question, we have to dig out the following points:

What is the medal?

A medal is a small, portable piece of art, usually metal, with a pattern. it is made in different sizes and shapes. Most of them are made of gold, silver, bronze, or zinc.

Why do people invent medals?

Medals are used to honor a person, organization, or event and are awarded as a form of recognition for achievements in athletic, military, scientific, cultural, academic fields. In the past, medals awarded to individuals were often used as a diplomatic or personal gift.

Who invents the medal?

An artist who designs and makes the medals is called a "medalist".

Two main types of the medal by size

One type is less than 4 inches, usually with a ribbon. It is comfortable for wearing. Other types of medals, usually larger than 4 inches, also be called "table medals" because they are too large to be worn and can only be displayed on a background wall, desktop, or show cabinet.

How is the medal made today?

Medals are mainly made by following techniques:

1. Lost wax technique

Lost wax casting, molten metal is poured into a medal mold that has been created by a wax medal model. The wax model will be melted and drained away before the casting.

2. Punch and stamp technique

Punch and stamping is a medal process used to convert flat metal sheets into medals with specific shapes and patterns.

3. Zinc alloy die casting technique

Casting is a process for producing medals by forcing molten zinc alloy under high pressure into steel molds. These molds, called dies, are designed to produce a complex medal with a high degree of accuracy. Zinc is the perfect metal to medal, as it offers high ductility, high impact strength, and is easily plated. Zinc is economical for medals too, it has a low melting point and promotes a long die life. Zinc alloy medals can be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces, and are suitable for a wide variety of attractive and serviceable finishes. Zinc alloy die casting is the perfect technique for the medal.

When were medals invented?

In different countries, medals were invented at different ages.


Hans Schwarz of Augsburg was the first professional medalist, working in Germany and around from 1512 to 1532. he produced a lot of Augsburg medals.

United States of America

The first Medals were awarded and presented to six U.S. Army soldiers on March 25, 1863, in the office of the War Department.


In 1455, the first French medals were made with gold and silver, to commemorate the expulsion of the English.


The earliest medal was invented by the Italian painter Antonio Pisano (c. 1395–1455). The medal portrayed the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaeologus, and was made in 1438–39.

The Netherlands

The medal of Erasmus of 1519, made by Quentin Massys is the first medal in the Netherlands.

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