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Why Olympic medals are important | KINGTAI

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What are Olympic Medals?

An Olympic medal is awarded to successful competitors at one of the Olympic Games. There are gold, silver, and bronze medals awarded to the top finishers in every event.

Who gets the Olympic medals?

For each event, the medals were awarded to the top three teams or individual athletes. Every country has the opportunity to win as many medals as possible. 

Why Olympic medals are important?

Award for the Olympic winner has a long history

In the ancient Olympic Games, dated back to 776 BC, winners were awarded by olive wreaths rather than the medals we see in nowadays games.

The tradition of awarding medals to winners began in 1896, the first modern Olympic Games in Athens. The first-place winner was awarded a silver medal, second place was prized a bronze medal and the third received no award. 

The tradition of gold, silver, and bronze medals began in 1904 at the French Olympics.

Competition is fierce, the chance of a win is very slim

In 2021, the global population reached the 7.7 billion mark, and only 11,656 athletes had the chance to participate in the Olympic Games, but just 340 gold medals were awarded in total. That is to say, about 226,470,588 persons share only one gold medal.

bonus is amazing

In 2021, the prize for medal varies from country to country. Singapore: around USD$740,000 for gold, the largest prize ever known. France: $73,000 for gold. Canada: $16,000 for gold. Germany: $22,000 for gold. Slovenia: $84,000 for gold. Hungary: $156,000 for gold. Netherlands: $34,000 for gold. United States : $37,500 for gold, $22,500 for silver and $15,000 for bronze. Italy : $200,000 for gold, $100,000 for silver and $67,000 for bronze. 

Great Honor and Respect

Some countries offer their Olympic medalists more than a prize, but treat them like a national hero with spectacular style back home welcome, military exemptions, fancy cars, large houses, and even free local traffic for a lifetime.

In Ugandan, Stephen Kiprotich, a marathoner who won the nation’s first Olympics gold medal in 40 years returned home with a hero welcome, Throngs flooded the airport to honor him, whose win sparked fierce pride all over the country. In South Korea, all males are drafted into mandatory military service. But there is an exemption for the Olympics or the Asian Games medalist. In Russia, along with straight cash prizes, the government even provided luxury cars and apartments. In German, the winner got free beer a lifetime long. In Belarusian, the medalist received a stockpile of sausage. In HONGKONG, a subway corporation provided the winner with a lifetime of free train rides around the city. 

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