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A lapel pin is a small pin with a logo or image on it, mostly made of metal (Steel, Bronze, or Zinc Alloy), worn on clothing, usually on the lapel of a jacket, or attached to a backpack, a hat, and a school bag.


1. Lapel pins can indicate affiliation with an organization, company, or school.

2. Lapel pins are giveaway gifts, commercial organizations use them for marketing promotion.

3. Lapel pins are souvenirs or collections, people collect them in different places with different themes, such as Eiffel Tower, Big Ben Tower, with guard, raven, fruit, flower, animal, food, car, sport, game themes.

4. Lapel pins are usually awarded to the participant as a symbol of an accomplishment.

Construction (front side)

The pin's outer shape and inner pattern are made out by die casting or punch and stamping technology. For the coloring, six technologies are applied as below,

1. Hard enamel, sometimes called imitation Cloisonné, it with rich colors and a smooth, polished texture.

2. Soft enamel is raised metal separate areas of colors. You can feel the up and down with your finger over the surface.

3. Photo dome begins with picture paper and sticks it on the metal pin base. Then coated with an epoxy dome that protects the art from wear.

4. Silkscreen printing is a coloring process by applying each color to the metal base.

5. Offset printing is a coloring process by applying CMYK colors to the metal base. It uses for a complicated patterns.

6. UV printing is a coloring process by printing colors to the metal base by UV digital printer.

Construction (backside)

The attachment on the backside of a lapel pin holds the pin in place, five attachments are available as below,

1. Butterfly clutch is the most popular method to hold pins. A small prong is on the back of the pin and a butterfly clutch is squeezed with it.

2. Jewelry clutch is a simple but elegant design. The clutch locks into place when it covers the prong.

3. Safety clasp is similar to a safety pin in the design. A long pin prong tucks under a small hook to attach the pin in place.

4. Magnetic clasp is a pair of magnets. One is free, another is attached to the back of the pin. it could prevent hole punctures in clothing.

5. Screw and nut is the most secure attachment. It could hold the pin firmly.

Kingtai craft is an expert OEM and ODM lapel pins manufacturer for domestic and overseas customers. We design and carry on all procedures in house.

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