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Our custom hard enamel lapel pins, also known as Cloisonné pins or epola pins, are some of our highest quality and most popular pins. Made with modernized techniques based on ancient Chinese artistry, hard enamel lapel pins have an impressive appearance and a durable construction. These long lasting lapel pins are perfect for wearing over and over again and are sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees them. KINGTAI have hard enamel lapel pins that will fit any budget! From giveaways for your event to recognition gifts for your staff, our lapel pins experts aim to provide you with most competitive price possible for your specific project.

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Custom Hard Enamel Pins

Custom hard enamel lapel pins are sure to leave a lasting impression. These custom pins are polished to a smooth, shiny finish. Hard enamel pins are the second most popular style we offer and work well with most pin designs. They are considered to be the highest quality style of enamel pin. Also referred to as Cloisonné, these custom lapel pins are sure to delight.

No mold charges

Customizable plating

Full color - up to 5 colors

Ships in 3-4 weeks

Key Features:

Durable, high-polished finish

Smooth, flush enamel fill

PMS matching for enamel colors

30 plating options

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Why Choose Custom Hard Enamel Pins?

Hard enamel pins are die struck, overfilled with enamel color and then polished down to create a surface that's smooth to the touch. Hard enamel pins take a few extra days to produce, but it's worth the wait as the final result is a jewelry quality (sometimes called Cloisonné), shiny custom pin. Due to the polishing process, sometimes especially small details can be tricky to see on hard enamel pins, so consider soft enamel or printed pins if your design is complicated.

Given the custom nature of our production process, once you approve a design, we start manufacturing immediately and don't have the option to modify a design.

An order cannot be cancelled once the actual production of the pins has started. To proactively avoid any issues, we strongly recommend samples for approval if time permits.

How to make hard enamel pins

The hard enamel lapel pin is made of die-cast iron, copper or brass metal.

To make a hard enamel lapel pin, we added enamel to make it reach the tip of the surrounding raised metal.

Then we heat the enamel at a very high temperature to harden and solidify.

Then it is smoothed and polished so that the enamel and the metal wire are at the same level.

Polishing improves quality and durability.


Every order of custom hard enamel lapel pins includes:

FREE hard enamel pin artwork and design with unlimited revisions

FREE full-color hard enamel lapel pin proofs sent to you by email

FREE die charges (in most cases)

FREE colors — up to five colors at no additional charge


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