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Lapel Pin

Custom Lapel Pin

Lapel pin is not only a pin that goes on the lapels, but also a both traditional and fashionable gift that plays a very important role in the social intercourse, commercial activities and enterprise construction. With the rich experience and mature production line, Kingtai can easily match your different needs and quality of products. From pins with complicated structures to normal pins with simple patterns on, from jewelry-quality pins to cost-effective promotional giveaways, we are able to guide you through the process of producing the products right as you expected. We have a strong design team providing professional suggestions or designs, to produce the perfect lapel pins for your association or your next activity. With us, customizing Lapel pins is no longer expensive.We could provide options of Soft Enamel Pins, Hard Enamel Pins, and even Cloisonne Enamel Pins at a China Lapel Badge Factory Price. As a leader of china lapel badge supplier, We could supply china lapel badge offering different lapel pin making process and professional advise to you. That, is what makes us one of the most out-standing Lapel Pin Manufacturers.
Filling the quote request on our website, sending emails to us, or simply call us, so that we could get the idea of your s and helping it becomes a mature products. Our project managers would lead your to the right way of customizing Lapel Pins. Once the design and the quality was confirmed, the order started to produce, you’ll get your Lapel pins within only a few weeks.
Believe us, creating your own unique lapel pin is a pretty simple and pleasant thing to do, with so many options of process and professional support. Just contact us and we are glad to provide you the best services and products.