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Lapel pin for men is a decorative trinket of some kind that men wear on the lapel of a suit jacket, sport coat, or blazer. Historically, men have worn boutonnieres in their lapels, and lapel pins are a more modern substitute for them.

Lapel pin for men have seen a resurgence in popularity in the last 15 years or so. They are a way to show membership in social clubs, professional organizations, or to simply add visual interest to a tailored ensemble.

  • Product Dimensions: 16mm*13mm*2mm
  • Item Weight: 0.0035kg
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Base Color: Custom color
  • Package Dimensions: 70mm*55mm
  • Clasp: Butterfly
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    Making men's lapel pins

    When we make enamel pins, we will use your artwork to make unique molds. It is then stamped into the metal to create a recessed design, which is cut into the shape of the bottom of the pin.The pin seats are plated in gold, silver, bronze or black, and then the grooves are filled with colorful enamel paint, separated by tiny raised walls made from the lines you create during the design phase.

    To make a soft enamel pin, apply a layer of enamel paint to the recessed area of the pin. Once dry, the position of the pin is slightly lower than the metal wall of the pin, giving it a ridged finish. Soft enamel pins are a lower production cost option, and ideal if you want to make pins for promotional activities. Although they are resistant to wear, they are not as durable as hard enamels.

    In order to make a hard enamel pin, coat the recessed area of the pin with multiple layers of enamel paint. The paint is flush with the raised metal wall, and the surface formed is smooth and flat. The paint is then placed at a high temperature and polished until it is shiny, which gives it a very durable, wear-resistant surface.

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    Fast turnaround

    We can meet almost any deadline due to our multiple tiers of production times.

    Quality Guarantee

    We only use the best factories and hand-inspect every order to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Low MOQ

    Whether you need 10 or 10,000 pins, we’ve got you covered with a fair price. 

    Custom kitting

    Custom backer cards and packaging on every order.

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