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Don’t let the name fool you, these custom lapel pins are not bendable or soft. These are custom metal pins filled with enamel color. They are our most popular custom soft enamel pins due to their inexpensive price point, high-quality manufacturing, and timeless look. The metal base is die struck and slightly raised, while the enamel is filled into the recessed cavities. These custom enamel pins work well with any design or logo. You really can’t go wrong with this style.

Kingtai custom enamel pins are casting moulds according to custom artistic design, we have 15 years of professional experience in the processing of details, and can be filled with various colors of paint. Paint resists air oxidation and makes enamel pins beautiful.

Wholesale custom soft enamel pins here, we can meet all your custom needs. Create your enamel pin design and get a free quote in our easy-to-use design system. We guarantee high quality production and fast shipping, please contact us by email

  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Sample Time: 7days
  • Craft: Soft Enamel
  • Place of origin: China
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    Why Choose Custom Soft Enamel Pins?

    Soft enamel pins are die struck, under-filled with enamel (full color) and then baked in an oven so the enamel can cure. The result is a textured surface where you can feel the raised metal and the recessed enamel cavities. Unlike other metal pins like hard enamel pins, they are not smooth to the touch. Soft enamel are the most popular style of custom enamel pins and are likely what you have in mind when you think of a custom lapel pin.

    Our custom soft enamel pins price includes as standard, 1 design with up to 5 colors, 1 cut out on the mould and one pin fixing. Use the drop down menus above to add extra colors, glitters, cut outs and back stamps to create your own custom soft enamel pin designs.

    Click here to add backing cards to your enamel pins and make them look the business.

    We create our custom soft enamel pins by applying one layer of enamel paint to the recessed areas of the pin, once dry, this sits just below the metal walls of the pin to create a ridged finish. Soft enamel pins are a budget-friendly option compared to hard enamel pins, making them ideal for fundraising events or as promotional items.

    Wanna go for hard enamel? No probs, we got ya!

    Got any questions about our custom soft enamel pins? Check out our FAQ's before placing an order, if we haven't answered your question there then drop us an email to info@kingtaicrafts.com



    Minimum Order Quantity - 25 units per design.

    Material - Iron or zinc alloy depending on the shape.

    Enamel Colors - Up to 8 colors included, no set up charges.

    Extras - Add backer cards, laser engraving or custom back stamps on the cart page.


    File Type - Vector preferred but all formats are accepted.

    Plating Options - Included in the unit prices.

    Enamel Color Matching - Full color guide available here.

    Production/Shipping Time

    Average Production Time - 2-3 weeks after proof approval.

    Average Transit Time - 3-5 business days.

    Rush Options - If you have a firm event date, we'd recommend our Rush Printed Pins. Email info@kingtaicrafts.com if you want more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here a few options and answers to some of your questions on ordering.

    How long does it take to make soft enamel pins?

    In general, our production time is 10 days from creating a mold to packaging your custom pins. You will get your pins as soon as possible. Don't worry!

    How to display my soft enamel pins?

    You can choose KINGTAI 4 packages to display your soft enamel pins. Poly bag is standard and free, which directly show your enamel pins. Plastic box is charged. Velour pouch and Velour box are an top-quality and elegant way to show your pins, which are also charged.

    Can I add epoxy dome on the soft enamel lapel pins?

    Of course, you can add epoxy dome on the soft enamel lapel pins. Epoxy dome can protect your enamel pins and add a touch of shine. Adding epoxy dome will be charged at an extra fee.

    How to keep my enamel pins ?

    You can using locking pin backs to stick your pins on the cloth. You can also keep it on the box to protect it. Super glue may be a nice way to stay on.

    How much do enamel pins cost?

    The cost depends on your size and quantity. Custom soft enamel pins no minimum order at KINGTAI. Our low price is $0.252/pc. Our maximum price is $14.12/pc. The mold charge fee is between $50 and $95.

    Which attachment can I use in my lapel pins?

    KINGTAI provides several attachments - military clutch, rubber clutch, deluxe clutch, magnet backing, safety pin, cufflink, and so on. 1 military clutch and 1 rubber clutch are free. Others will be charged.

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    Endless Possibilities for Soft Enamel Pin Customization

    Example pin backing types

    The beauty of custom on-demand manufacturing is that you have an incredible amount of design freedom with every single order. For custom soft enamel pins, mix and match from the following options:

    14 material finishes and colors

    8 types of backing hardware

    21+ enamel colors

    12 add-ons and upgrades, including:

    Glitter and glow-in-the-dark enamel


    Engraving and embossing

    Epoxy coating


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