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How to Make Custom Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Designing one-of-a-kind, high-quality soft lapel pins is a cinch when you use Kingtai. Here’s how the process works!

Whether you’re playing your first gig as a punk rock band or preparing for a prestigious university award ceremony, the right lapel pins make an excellent gift, award, or fashion statement.

A high-quality customized lapel pin adds flair to any outfit, whether formal or casual, and logo lapel pins are a stellar way to advertise your business or brand in a refined manner.

Here at Kingtai, custom lapel pins are our forte. Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

Don’t DIY Your Custom Lapel Pins

When you get started on your journey to create custom lapel pins, you might be tempted to Google “how to make lapel pins,” click on some DIY YouTube tutorials, jet over to Hobby Lobby, and take a stab at whipping up your lapel pins all by yourself.

Don’t do it!

Lapel pins may be small, but this makes it even more important to make sure the design and construction are bulletproof. A single millimeter is worth a mile on a 1” lapel pin. Tiny mistakes have a big impact. Here at Kingtai, our construction process is streamlined and flawless, taking advantage of the best of both worlds. You’re the expert on your own design, we’re the experts in pin-making.

You design the pin. We craft it for you. It’s that simple.

DIY your design, not the pin itself!

Do Your Research

Like any accessory, not all lapel pins are created equal. There’s more than one company out there that will let you design customizable lapel pins, but don’t jump the gun! Consider a few factors before you make your decision, such as:

. Price

. Quality

. Turnaround Time

. Hands-On Customer Service

. Special Options

Of course, we want you to do your due diligence, but we’re confident you’ll choose Kingtai simply because there’s no other custom merch company that can offer the prices, quality, and service we do.

When you create a custom lapel pin with us, we don’t just offer you the ability to build a pin with your unique design. You can choose from:

. 14 material finishes and colors

. 8 types of backing hardware

. 21+ enamel colors

. 12 add-ons and upgrades, including glitter and glow-in-the-dark enamel, rhinestones, engraving and embossing, epoxy coating, and sandblasting

No other custom lapel pin maker will offer you this much bang for your buck, all backed by a bulletproof 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re hesitant, check out our FAQs!

Decide Which Type of Lapel Pin you Want

We offer three different types of customized lapel pins. These are Soft Enamel Pins, Hard Enamel Pins, and Die Struck Pins. Each offers a different appearance and aesthetic, and each is best for a different purpose. The textured, monochromatic appeal of Die Struck pins makes them great for university or award pins, for example, while vibrant, colorful soft enamel pins work well for souvenirs.

Read on to learn a bit more about the three different types of custom-made lapel pins we have here at Kingtai.

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins are our most popular type of custom lapel pin. They’re probably what you think of when you think of a classic lapel pin. Soft enamel pins are crafted by pouring soft enamel between metal lines, and provide deep gullies of color, texture, shine, and contrasting detail. Soft enamel pins are recommended for any colorful design, fashion pins, novelty pins, commemorative pins, souvenir pins, online sellers, and for free giveaways to customers.

Hard Enamel Pins

Our hard enamel pins are made by adding different pieces of individual colored enamel, then melting and baking them all together on top of a metal plate. This results in a smooth, multicolored surface, uninterrupted by any of the metal lines that delineate the color patterns on smooth enamel pins. Hard enamel pins are smooth, untextured, and also more expensive than soft pins. They’re an excellent choice for a variety of lapel pin designs, as well as high-end fashion and art pins.

Die Struck Pins

Instead of using color, die-struck pins use raised or recessed ridges to portray a design with metallic texture, just like a coin! These textured, monochromatic designs work well for commemorative pins, award pins, family crests, nostalgic designs, athletic organization pins, and university or fraternity pins.

The Custom Lapel Pin Ordering Process

When you craft personalized lapel pins with us, you have two options. You can use the CREATE TOOL to design your pins from scratch, or you can chat directly with one of our Creative Specialists to get a bit of guidance before you get started.

Regardless, here are the steps you’ll take to design your custom lapel pins!

1. Choose the size of the lapel pin.

2. Choose the type of lapel pin (see the options above).

3. Customize features like the material, color, finish, and other extra upgrades to make your lapel pin one-of-a-kind.

4. Submit your design. If you have a design already drawn up, you can submit that. If not, you can have one of our artists create a FREE lapel pin design for you.

5. Once you submit your design and it’s digitized, you’ll receive a digital mock-up of your lapel pin, and you can approve it or make edits.

6. That approved design will be turned into a prototype lapel pin. You’ll receive a picture of your physical prototype and you can approve it, or make edits.

7. Finally, your feedback will be used to craft your very own custom lapel pins. Soon, you’ll receive your pins by mail

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