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Hard enamel pins, sometimes called epola pins, imitation cloisonne pins or die struck pins with hard enamel, is a kind of craftwork for the lapel pins. Hard enamel pins are best high-quality enamel pins, have a durable and long-lasting appearance.

Hard enamel lapel pins are the second-class custom category pins in our company. It can perfectly display any logo or design and enhance customers’ favor with your brand.

  • Vivid Colors and A Highly Polished Surface, High Perceived Value:
  • Custom Hard Enamel Pins No Minimum:
  • Perfect presentation of simple design:
  • Cheap Custom Hard Enamel Pins As Low As $0.42/pc:
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    Hard enamel pins are the best quality

    Hard enamel pins are some of the finest and most durable colored custom pins. They’re built to last and available in a wide range of designs and styles. Our custom hard enamel pins are built to last.

    The best quality custom hard enamel pin available in the world. Ask for a free quote today–and don’t forget, our design team services are always free!

    We produce detailed designs and offer all popular styles, and we’ll keep you updated through the whole process. All it takes is a quick and simple inquiry.

    If you're looking for smooth, polished and high quality pins with your next order, look no further. Custom hard enamel pins are the choice for you.

    Hard Enamel Pin Value

    Customers value the many benefits of a hard enamel cloisonné pin:

    They have a very high-quality finish and appearance.

    They are extremely durable and long-lasting

    They look more expensive than they actually cost

    They are as little 85-cents each depending on the size and quantity ordered

    The bright colors won’t fade over time

    PMS and Pantone colors can be matched

    A variety of backing options are available

    Add Extra Flourishes to Your Hard Enamel Pin!


    Custom Hard Enamel Pins

    As standard, our custom hard enamel lapel pins price includes as standard, 1 design with up to 5 colors, 1 cut out on the mould and one pin fixing. Use the drop down menus above to add extra colors, glitters, cut outs and back stamps to create your own custom soft enamel pin designs.

    Click here to add backing cards to your enamel pins and make them look the business.

    Our custom hard enamel pins are created by applying multiple layers of enamel paint to the recessed areas of the pin. This is repeated until the paint sits level with the raised metal walls and the pin surface becomes smooth and flat. We then set the paint at a high temperature and polish until glossy, creating a high-quality and hard wearing finish.

    Our custom hard enamel pins are more expensive than our soft enamel pins, however, they are longer-lasting and ideal for those looking to create durable merchandise or pin collections.

    Why not check out our soft enamel pins if you’re still deciding which one is best for you!?

    Got any questions about our custom hard enamel pins? Check out our FAQ's before placing an order, if we haven't answered your question there then drop us an email to info@kingtaicrafts.com.

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    How To Make Hard Enamel Pins?

    Custom hard ememel pins no minimum only by 4 steps


    Step 1: Determine Pins Style

    Before ordering, you need to determine a style, size, color, quantity and budget of your product, and then make an inquiry.


    Step 2: Place an order

    You can inquire directly by email or use the online customization system to select your order information to get a quote and place an order directly.


    Step 3: Confirm Design Proof

    KINGTAI will send the art certificate to the customer for confirmation within 24 hours after receiving the order.


    Step 4: Finish Produce

    We will arrange production after confirmation art design. The goods will be completed and delivered according to the time scheduled with the customer.

    Why Choose Custom Hard Enamel Pins at KINGTAI?

    FREE Design & Artwork

    with Unlimited Revisions


    No Minimum Quantity

    Customize From 1 Piece


    FAST Production

    Ready to Ship in 5 Days or Less


    100% Satisfaction

    for Materials & Workmanship


    Hard Enamel Pin Q&A

    If you’re not sure whether a hard enamel pin is right for your needs, just call (86) 752-5706551 and speak to one of our experienced representatives.

    What is a hard enamel pin?

    We heat the enamel so it hardens and then polish it. The result is that the enamel is smooth and flush with the metal borders.

    What’s the difference between a soft and hard enamel pins?

    A hard enamel pin has a smooth surface, and is very durable and long lasting. A soft enamel pin is made with a different process so the enamel colors are recessed slightly from the metal borders.

    What is a cloisonné pin?

    A cloisonné pin is just another name for a hard enamel pin. Sometimes, they are called Epola pins, too. Whatever the name, they are hard enamel pins.

    Where can I buy hard enamel cloisonné pins?

    At KINGTAI, where we have been making hard enamel pins for as long as we have been in business. So we’re experts at making high-quality, long lasting hard enamel pins.

    Are hard enamel pins expensive?

    Hard enamel pins are not expensive. These custom pins cost as little as 85-cents each depending on the size and number of pins you order. And everything is included. That said, hard enamel pins are a bit more costly than others due to their quality.

    Your custom pins come with free design help and artwork, free proofs and any changes you want to make to the design.

    How long does it take to get hard enamel pins?

    Your custom lapel pins are shipped to you in 10 business days or less after you place your order.

    Why Hard Enamel Pins Are A Great Choice

    When you want the highest-quality enamel pins available, custom hard enamel pins from KINGTAI are your best choice.

    Hard enamel pins go by several other names including cloisonné pins and Epola pins. But like a rose, by any name custom hard enamel pins are the best there is.

    They are preferred by customers who want long-lasting, durable corporate pins, fraternity pins, sorority pins, convention pins, political pins or volunteer pins.

    They are noted for their brilliant colors separated by metal detailing and being polished smooth.

    Benefits of Hard Enamel Pins

    Our custom hard enamel pins are some of the finest around–and hard enamel is the best and longest-lasting option for heirloom-quality custom enamel pins.

    ‍The Difference Between Soft and Hard Enamel Pins

    As a full-service enamel pin maker, we also offer soft enamel pins, die struck pins, and other personalized pins. So what’s the difference between custom soft and hard enamel pins?

    The difference between our custom hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins is how we treat the enamel. For a hard enamel pin, the enamel is heat-hardened and then polished. The result is that the enamel is smooth and flush with the metal borders.

    These custom lapel pins start with a base metal and end up with a smooth finish with colors that pop. Each custom pin passes our rigorous quality control, where we ensure that the color and metal lines up to your exact specifications.

    On a soft enamel pin, the enamel is air dried which has it settling slightly, leaving the metal borders raised with the enamel colors recessed. So, there is a non-smooth surface which gives a bit of depth to the look of the pin.

    What are hard enamel pins called?

    This style also has a few other commonly used names, including:

    Epola Pins


    Semi Cloisonné


    Imitation Cloisonné

    The different variations and names can be confusing but very different from soft enamel pins which are textured pins. We are experts in crafting factory direct durable custom pins. We will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have to ensure you receive high-quality pins you’ll be proud to distribute at the right cost. Email us today and request a free quote. We offer quantity discounts, great service, and the best quality!

    What is the best option?

    Different attachments allow you to easily adhere to your logo to different products or clothing, like hats, lapels, and jackets. We offer:

    Butterfly Clutches (Standard)

    Rubber Clutches

    Deluxe Clutches

    Magnet Backs

    Safety Pin Backs

    Screw Backs

    Packaging options include the following boxes and printed card options:

    We offer our customers the opportunity to customize the box and packaging for their custom designs. Put your pins in a box that showcases the beauty and originality of your custom creation. Our products all come individually bagged, but we also offer:

    Plastic Gift Boxes

    Velveteen Boxes

    Pins Attached to Printed Insert Cards

    What's Hard Enamel and How Is It Made?

    Created using a solid paste that is then hardened during the firing process. The final images are smooth to the touch and have a sleek, even surface. One of the major advantages of using this style is the ability to use the Pantone matching system because it helps us to create an exact duplicate of your logo. A resin paste is used to create their hard, glass-like appearance and are one of the more popular types of custom enamel pins. After the brass base metal has been struck, plated, and polished, the resin is then overfilled into the reservoirs of the finished product. Once fired, the pins are then hand-sanded down to create a smooth finish.

    How much do they cost?

    The price for 100 custom pins with a standard clutch back, gold finish, and up to six colors is ranges from $300 to $400.00 and prices vary based on your design elements and we can quote your product the same day. Contact our customer service team to learn more about the type of custom pin your organization would like to order.

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    Custom Hard Enamel Lapel Pins Made in Days!

    It’s no secret that custom lapel pins are a business-savvy accessory. They’re perfect for employees to wear, as well as clients or potential customers. There are many ways your organization can use them: they help reinforce branding and increase exposure, make great service awards, show solidarity with your company values; you could even fund raise by selling them! Customized Lapel Pins offer the chance to get noticed at any event – whether it be trade show time or just networking around town.

    Color Matching and Polished To Perfection

    We use the Pantone matching system when matching the artwork to ensure that every color is the perfect shade. From there, we also add a sandblasted finish to the background to give the final logo a two-tone, jewelry finish. The enamel is filled level to the surface of the die-struck base. Finally, the custom lapel pins are plated before being shipped right to your business via rush delivery.

    High-Quality Hard Enamel and Made From Brass

    Hard enamel pins are the highest quality designs that we offer. They are smooth to the touch, and often mistakenly called cloisonne since the two techniques are very similar. Custom lapel pins are made by creating a die and using copper, brass, or iron as the base metal. A copper base allows for the most detail, and allows for amazing 3D effects. After the base has been selected, colors are added and matched to your approved art proof.

  • Write your message here and send it to us