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Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins

Hard enamel pins is a kind of Lapel pins that color-filled with hard enamel. With the high quality and the long-lasting appearance, Hard enamel pins become the most popular kind of lapel pins through out the world, and also, one of the best products making the world know Kingtai. Kingtai is a professional lapel pin manufacturer& wholesaler with over 25 years of experience and advanced equipment, allow us to make sure that every products from us were qualified and satisfied.
Basically, hard enamel pin is different from soft enamel pin at some points. Hard enamel pin is color-filled with hard enamel paint, which is harder, brighter and also more shinny than soft enamel, but the color itself doesn’t make any differences, based on PANTONE color. Additionally, hard enamel would be polished after the paint was dry. This process makes the surface of the enamel and the metal raised outline mostly at a same height. Choosing the right process is the most important part of customizing your own lapel pin. With our experience, Customizing Hard Enamel Pins becomes more pleasant and easier.
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