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We are the biggest and the best supplier in China when it comes to supplying Custom Hard Enamel Pin because we offer our customers both premium quality, highly durable, long-lasting pins at the most affordable prices with all the conveniences.

Our Metal Hard Enamel Pin comes with a butterfly clutch for a better user experience. All you have to do is, send us the design of your vision so that we can turn it into a reality. We also have designed hard enamel pins that you can choose from. Our cheap hard enamel pins are higher in quality and they are more like jewelry with smooth surface and scratch-resistant features.

Without further delay, make an order for the best hard enamel pin, cheap lapel pin from the best supplier at the most cost-efficient prices if you wish to get your hands on premium quality products

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Custom Hard Enamel Pin, Cheap Lapel Pin With Your Own Design

We are the one biggest of Custom Hard Enamel Pin in China, we make many custom cheap lapel pin for sale, there are many different designs and processing on the Metal lapel pins, you can customize hard enamel pin what you want, so just send us your design of lapel pin to us then we can make a price for your compare with your current suppliers. We are a real source custom hard enamel pin factory and make about 9,000.00 pieces of pins in a day with high quality and the best price.

Make Custom Lapel Pins Directly from Factory

Free Artwork with Unlimited Version.

Ready to Ship in 10 Days.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

Write your message here and send it to us

Your Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer China

As the best custom lapel pin manufacturer in China, In Kingtai Factory, Making Lapel Pins is a very easy thing. No matter you need custom soft enamel lapel pins, custom hard enamel lapel pins, custom 3D Pins, die-stuck pins or custom printing pin, you just need to drop us a short message to tell us what you want, and we will do the rest for you to make sure your design come true in a short time.

What You Can Get from this Enamel Pin Manufacturer

More than 20 Years Lapel Pins Production Experience

Competitive Price from Pin Factory

MOQ Lower as 50pcs

Pre Sample Approved before Bulk Production

Disney Supplier Stringent Quality Standards

We make custom lapel pins for a variety of markets and uses:

Budget-priced promotional quality giveaways to build your brand

Corporate recognition in hard enamel

Years of service lapel pins with rhinestones

Swag to sell at concerts or souvenir shops

Trading pins for baseball teams

Our Process in 3 Simple Steps

Approve Prices

Send KINGTAI your design or sketches by email, once you’re happy with our prices we proceed with your order.

Approve Design

We will send you an artwork of how your item will look. You can request edits until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Receive your goods

Once approved, KINGTAI will go to manufacture and send it to you as soon as they are ready

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order quantity?

We don’t have minimum order quantity for new order. Repeat order is 50pcs.

Could you provide sample before order?

Yes, of course we can provide 3pcs of free samples, if you can pay the freight cost.

What kind of format of artwork should I provide?

There is no specific request, PNG/JPG/PS/PDF are all fine, but AI is the best.

What is your normal turn around time?

After receive confirmed artwork, sample takes 7-10 work days. Mass production takes 10-15 work days. If you have urgent order, please advise us in advance.

How is your after-sale service?

If it is our neglect that cause the goods received not compliant to your request, we will provide free re-production. If it is your side miss that cause faulty goods, you need pay the re-production cost.

Why should I get my hard enamel pin made through you?

We’ve created the pain-free platform we wish we could have used back in the day. Place your order, then use your dedicated online project management board to upload and approve artwork, leave messages, ask questions and oversee creation from start to finish. It’s that simple!

Wait, the hard enamel pins are made in China?

Yeah, you heard us right! Most places are getting their pins produced in China too, but are charging you a massive multiple and pretending they made them. We are Walmart, Disney, etc. approved factory, audited to make sure it meets ethical and safety standards.

We’ve been in this game for more than 20 years. We are a dedicated factory who complies with our ethical and safety standards as well as producing THE best enamel pins that you’ll be proud to show off.

Can I just get 50 hard enamel pins made?

Sure, you can, but it’s totally not worth it! For not much extra you can get 100 pins. The more you order, the cheaper they get.

Can I order less than 50 hard enamel pins of one design?

Technically, yes you could but we’re not about wasting your money. We’d still have to charge you for 50 units because that is the minimum units our factory will create.

What’s the difference between hard enamel and soft enamel?

You can read more about this here.

I got one batch of pins made and I’m coming back for more – do I get a discount?

Absolutely! The factory already has your mold we will knock 80usd off your bill.

Will you ship overseas?

Yeah, we will ship your pins to anywhere in the world. Please be aware that some import fees may occur, and we have zero control over these. The fees are your own to pay.

What kind of artwork can I submit?

You can read more about acceptable files right here

Can I get my logo in the back of my hard enamel pins?

Yeah! We fully recommend that you have a back stamp to protect yourself and your designs. It will add usd60 to your bill but it’s totally worth it!

Can I use the same back stamp on several designs?

The simple answer is yes if the size works on each design. This also applies to future designs

I’m struggling with my artwork, can you guys help me out?

Drop us an email with your artwork to info@kingtaicrafts.com and we’ll be happy to take a look, we can only advise on design work we cannot produce any artwork for you.

Will my hard enamel pins come with backing cards?

No, not unless you purchase them. Your pins will come individually bagged. We can card your pins. Find out more about that here

What kind of clutch will my hard enamel pins have?

Our default is black rubber or butterfly clutch. But if you’d prefer a different option then be sure to let us know.

Do you guys offer those locking pin backs?

Yeah, we do!

How does your price match guarantee work?

Found a cheaper price elsewhere for your enamel pins? Provide us with the details of your custom enamel pin quote and we'll beat it by 5%. Click here for more information on this offer.

How complex can my mold be?

The price you pay includes up to 1 cut out (intricate cut) on your design during the molding process. Additional cuts will mean additional prices on the mold fee.

How many designs can I have in a pack?

Each pack includes one design as standard. You cannot have more than one design for each pack of pins, this includes different colour ways of the same design.

Can I trust you with my art?

Absolutely! We have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with custom orders, and we’ve had our own IP ripped off in that time… We know how it feels, so you know your art is safe with us.

We’ve not just set this new website up for a giggle, we’re offering something we wish we had when we started out.

Do glitter pins / backing cards apply to any promotional offers?

No, they do not, you need to purchase enough backing cards and/or glitter to cover the order – as the promotion only applies to the pins themselves and not any extras.

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