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Die struck soft enamel pins are pins produced using custom-made die. And this technique is specially used to produce high quantity multiple-leveled pins.

Custom die struck pins are a cost-effective marketing tool. You can count on KINGTAI’s art team to deliver the best custom pin for your needs. No matter how complex your design is, KINGTAI will create top-quality art based on your design, and ensure that your lapel pins are designed specifically with your unique project in mind.

KINGTAI offers:

Superior design freedom.

Low production costs.

Small minimum order quantities.

Free shipping WITHIN CHINA.

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Custom die-struck lapel pins are made by creating a die/mold with your chosen design. This die is then used to cast your lapel pins. Copper or brass are used because of the soft properties of these metals allows for a sharp and detailed stamping. A trim tool is then used to carefully cut out the outside shape of your lapel pin.

If needed, sand blasting is used to create the textured or “sandblast” background to ensure that the raised metal portion of the pin “stands out”. The raised surface of your lapel pin is then polished to a mirror like finish while the background can remain textured. This gives the die stuck lapel pin it’s distinct jewelry type look.

Finally, you can choose the appropriate attachment, such as a lapel pin, cufflink, tie clips, tie tack, etc. Die struck lapel pins can be created in any shape and size in order to present the right image for your company.


Custom Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins Process:

We use the highest quality mixed alloy sheets with 2mm-4mm thickness

Our experienced designing team designs the die/mold according to the required product

The die with multiple levels of design is then manufactured in-house

The die is then used to cast lapel pins with sharp and detailed stamping

These cut pieces are then carefully painted and buffed/polished by our craftsmen

After buffing, the badges are electroplated and polished again. We provide 5 options for electroplating namely nickel, copper, gold, black nickel and antique finish

Finally, pins are added to the back of the metal pieces. We provide five categories of back pins ie. military back, bell clutch, rubber clutches, safety pin, magnetic back.

Advantages of using Die Struck Pins

High Quality and High Quantity of Enamel pins can be produced with this technique

Thick and detailed pins with multiple layers can be created

A high-quality finish in jewelry can be achieved

If your organization’s promotional budget demands exceptional quality, but requires an eye to keeping costs low, KINGTAI has the solution. Die-struck Soft-Enamel pins are similar in design to the cloisonné pins, but feature an injected enamel finish. Complimented with high gloss pigmentation prior to firing in the kiln, they bring out the desirable brilliant colors while helping you adhere to budgetary constraints. Like our most popular cloisonné designs, you have a whole world of creative options to choose from including colors, plating and special cuts to make your pin unique.

Order Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

We can take your design and ensure that it looks timeless. We can show you what your design will look like through a digital sample. Let our “PIN”engineers create the perfect custom die struck lapel pins for your organization.

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Free Design

Unlimited Revision

Fair Price

Save 30%+

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100% money back

Why choose KINGTAI custom enamel pin

Often those seeking custom lapel pins have a decision to make – pay much more for high-quality work or receive inferior quality pins while staying within a lower budget. We eliminate this decision for you! With KINGTAI you get the highest quality custom pins at prices you can afford. Plus, we have no minimum orders! You can order anywhere from 1 pin to 10,000 or more pins – and you can count on paying cheap prices no matter the quantity of your order. Get your personalized pins now without breaking your budget. We also offer fast delivery and we provide digital proofs for you to sign off on before production begins. Get started now.

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