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Custom 3D Cast Pins

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3D lapel pins offer a depth and design flexibility not found on standard die struck enamel pins. This manufacturing style employs spincasting of molten metal to achieve a level of detail that really stands out for awards of service, recognition or promotional events.

3D pins can be either plain metal only or include hard enamel or soft ename colors. A 3D pin can have some or all of it’s design incorporate 3D features. 3D pin designs will have more than just raised and recessed areas. 3D cast pins can incorporate true depth, curves and dimensional qualities that can bring your pin to life. Pins thicker than 3mm will have a higher unit cost & possibly a mold fee depending upon requirements. Attachments other than pin posts are available and are quoted.

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Is lapel Pins Right For My Design?

So, you might be wondering why should you opt for 3D cast pins? As the name suggests, they are perfect if you have a 3D design at hand and you’re looking forward to bringing the design into reality. Also known as die-cast 3D pins, they are not your usual pins.

Rather, they use a completely different backing material and printing process. On typical die-struck pins, we project the design onto your 2D pin by hand or by a machine. In 3D cast pins, they have multiple surface levels residing at different angles to create the perception of a 3D object. They are great if you have text in your design or if your design has multiple cutouts. Even the quantity of the cutouts doesn’t matter. You can introduce as much complexity in your design as you want.

Is lapel Pins Right For My Design

Here Kingtai, we only work with the best quality material and the best person fit for the job. You can get personalized pins with no minimum requirements from us. To place your 3D cast pins order, you can simply visit our website and share your design with us. However, as 3D designs are more complex than 2D designs, we recommend consulting our design team before finalizing your orders.

We may even need to tweak the design a little to suit the perfect 3D shape. Because oftentimes, you don’t get to notice the inconsistencies in the 3D modeling software. Those are only visible when the product is printed. With our long experience, we know where issues might arise. That’s why we recommend you putting your trust in our design team. Once you approve of the design, we’ll begin production on your pins and you may receive them at the estimated delivery date.

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