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Want More Shiny Coins, Try These Enamel Options

As a currency and collectible, coins have always been loved by people. However, for coin collectors who prefer something more unique and shiny, enamel has emerged as a new option for producing a variety of eye-catching coins. If you're also craving brighter coins, follow along with us as we explore these enamel options!

enamel coins

Enamel coins are made using a special enamel process. They coat the surface of the coin with a paint mixture of glass and metal powder, which is then baked at high temperatures to set it. This special process not only adds brilliant color to the coin, but also gives it a shiny finish.

Here are some enamel options you can try:

Colored enamel: Uses bright colors to coat the surface of coins, such as red, blue, green, etc. These vibrant colors will make your coins stand out in any collectible display.

Patterned enamel: In addition to color, you can also choose some interesting patterns to decorate your coins. These patterns can be animals, plants, national flags, etc. to make your coins more attractive and personal.

Metallic Enamel: This enamel option adds metallic tones, such as gold, silver, etc., to coins. This effect will make the coin look more dignified and glamorous.

custom enamel coins

The beauty of enamel coins is that they are not just ordinary coins, they are works of art. Their details and texture make people unable to extricate themselves, willing to invest and collect. Whether you're already a seasoned coin collector or just starting out in the field, these enamel options are worth trying.

As a collector, you can choose to add these enamel coins to your collection, or give them as a special gift to your friends and family. Whatever the occasion, these enamel coins are sure to catch the eye and showcase your taste and uniqueness.

Come try out these enamel options and add some sparkle to your coin collection!

soft enamel coins

Enamel challenge coins have colored enamel paint in the recessed portions of the challenge coin’s design. At Custom Challenge Coins, we offer two different types of enamel coin styles. Soft enamel coins have recessed and raised edges. The color paints it on the recessed section of the coin. If you run your finger along the design, you would be able to feel that the recessed portions with the paint in them are lower than the raised design.

With a hard enamel coin, the paint is flush with the raised edges of the design. This means that the final design has a polished smooth finish.

There are different types of additives that you can add to upgrade the look of your finished coin. There is glitter and specialty glow in the dark that can be used to make your custom challenge coin even better.

enamel challenge coins

The charm of enamel coins is irresistible, let your coin collection become more dazzling! Whether it's for adding value to your collection, or simply for visual enjoyment, these enamel options will meet your needs. Let us appreciate the brilliance of enamel coins together, making the collection journey more dazzling and gorgeous!

Hope this article has given you some inspiration and inspiration for enamel coins. Whether you want to enhance the value of your coin collection, or simply enjoy the visual feast of enamelling, these options will meet your needs. The brilliance and uniqueness of enamel coins will add infinite charm to your collection!

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Post time: Aug-28-2023