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What’s Difference Between Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel Challenge Coin

As a custom enamel coins enthusiast, you may be in a dilemma whether to go for soft or hard enamel coins. Although both choices come with their own sets of benefits, their difference can be significant, all depending on which goals you’re looking to achieve.

Here’s a quick look at some of these key differences:


Visually Similar, Texturally Different

As you go through the process of designing your custom coins, one thing to take into consideration is whether to use soft enamel or hard enamel to add color to your final product. Both choices come with their own set of benefits, and it’s true that hard enamel is not a very common choice when it comes to challenge coins, but that’s not to say that it shouldn’t be utilized more often.

When choosing between hard and soft enamel coins, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you aren’t choosing between two different sets of colors, or between higher or lower quality paint. The look of the colors of your coin will remain the same no matter which option you choose. What will change if you decide to go with hard enamel instead of soft is the feel of your coins.

Hard Enamel:

This process is a derivative of the Cloisonne finishing technique first used by ancient Chinese lapel pin makers. Your coins is formed from a mold, which “stamps” your design into brass or other metal alloy. This stamping actually imprints your specific design into the metal and also forms the shape of the coin. Raised and recessed areas are created by this stamping process. It is the recessed areas that receive the color (if your coins have color in the design). The hard enamel technique fills these recessed areas to a level that is flush with the raised areas. The coins are then baked at a high temperature and then “polished” with a special wheel that makes sure the colors and metal are flush. In the end, the challenge coin’s surface is shiny and smooth – the raised and recessed areas are no longer present.

Raised areas give it a texture that makes it more appealing to many people. We create these coins by using a mold. This allows a design to be stamped onto the surface of the coin. We then complete the process by baking the coins and then polishing them to perfection.

Hard Enamel

The main features of custom hard enamel coins include:

★ The color is filled with solid pigment

★ Production requires a multi-step process to make enamel parts that raise the enamel

★ It requires an intense polishing process to make the coins brighter. It is then hardened with a smooth finish

★ Features the highest quality and durability with colors that are vibrant for several years to come

★ Hard enamel coins are ideal for military coins, navy and air force challenge coins

Soft Enamel:

Soft enamel is not actually soft to the touch. It is simply enamel that has not been polished. The difference between the two is that the color used for the design lies lower than the raised areas.

This is merely an industry term referring to a technique and finishing process that greatly effects how a finished challenge coin will appear to the end user. There is nothing “soft” about a Soft Enamel coin at all. The main difference between the two processes is that the Soft Enamel coin is not “polished.” Also, the colors are not filled to the level of the raised metal areas. In fact, the colors are added to a level that is slightly beneath the raised areas of the coin.

Ideally, unlike the hard enamel coins, the soft enamel designs can be produced with a 3D process. Importantly, you should keep in mind that soft enable isn’t actually soft when touched. Notably, “soft enamel” is an industrial term that refers to the color fill process.

Soft Enamel

The main features of a soft enamel coins include:

★ The color is filled with an enamel colorfill

★ It is possible to engrave 3D images on their surfaces

★ It is created with a raised and recessed areas

★ It comes with a vast selection of shapes and sizes

★ You can add epoxy coating if you want

★ It is a budget-friendly option

★ Ideal for several Corporate challenge coins and honor coins

Soft Enamel Coin or Hard Enamel Coin: Which is Better?

Someone had custom coins minted in soft enamel because he liked the realistic feeling. While, others prefer to choose hard enamel coins, which feature a smooth surface.

Whether to choose soft enamel or hard enamel manufacturing methods ultimately depends on your preference and budget. We can create your challenge coin using either process perfectly.

Kingtai,as a leading challenge coin maker, we employ quality control inspections to ensure all custom coins meet the customer’s requirements. We even take your personalized design ideas and turn them into real great pieces through our finest craftsmanship.

If you are still not sure which challenge coin process to choose from, please directly contact us at 0752-5706551, our talented sales will help you and give you’re the best advice under your budget.

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