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As one of the most experienced metal crafts Manufacturer & Wholesaler in China, over 25 years of experience in manufacturing Metal Crafts including: Lapel pins, Badges, Medals, trophies, Keychains, Cufflinks, etc. With our rich experience of manufacturing metal craft products, professional service, creative designs, advanced machine and equipment allow us to meet almost every need of every clients over the world, which means our main market are over the world, Asia, Australasia, Central/South America, Eastern Europe, Mid East/Africa, North America, Western Europe, and more.

Being an top level and time-honored custom metal craft factory & supplier, OEM & ODM service are provided. No matter if you have an finalized artwork or just a simple thoughts or images, we could also achieve accordingly and make you the sample within 7 days of your needs of custom logos, materials of Zinc alloy, Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, Iron, etc.Also, our mature production line and supply chain keep us competitive. Our bulk making experience ensure that our order would always be finished on time with high quality, perfect services and decent price.

If you have any needs of customizing Metal Craft products, feel free to contact us! Being a representative of the highest level of suppliers & wholesalers, we provide not only high-quality products, but also the most professional services!

Honored To Be The Top-notch Supplier & Manufacturer Of Lapel Pins, Medals and Keychains In China

Kingtai Crafts is a worth-mentioned name among the top level Supplier & Manufacturer Of Lapel Pins, Medals and Keychains In China. Over 20 years of experience, we have supplied for many of those world famous brands. We’re using our mature production line and strength of Lapel pins, Medals and Keychains factory & wholesale metal crafts supplier to meet almost every different companies requirements from all over the world. We build up connections with our clients with our high quality products, professional services and efficient delivery.

Over 25 Years of production experience helped us find a mature way of managing the whole production supply chain easily, which allows us to pronounce ourselves as one of the best supplier and manufacturer of lapel pins, medals and keychains in China. It also becomes an important reason why our clients trust and keep trusting us.

We have a experienced and professional team of oversea account managers and advisors to support pushing your project forward. Providing our professional knowledge is helping countless companies and organizations to solve their problems of gifting, souvenir, commercial products developing, etc. Simply show us your thoughts or artwork, we would suggest and provide the best options of achieving it with the matched cost and quality. Start your new project right now by contacting us, we would be your free information desk 24/7: Info@KingtaiCrafts.com.

Considering the environment of our earth, we never stop trying to use environmental protection materials and to figure out more sustainable methods of manufacturing and delivering. We always take protecting the environment as our duty being a responsible company. Please take a look at our environmental friendly products! I bet you’ll like them!

Here’s more information you need to choose a metal crafts products wholesale supplier & manufacturer — Kingtai Crafts!

Custom Lapel pins, Medals & keychains


It would be easy and comforting to find the Lapel pins, Medals and keychains manufacturer that perfectly fit for your company when you’re purchasing from Kingtai Crafts. Making sure your brands are extraordinary to your clients or your commercial partners who you send our products as gifts to while they are wearing our unique design and out-standing quality of our custom Lapel pins, Medals and keychains. As the one out of thousands outstanding Lapel pins, Medals and keychains Manufacturer and Supplier in China, we’re providing the widest variety of designs for your reference to make sure your brand standing out to your clients for your next commercial campaign. We provide a wide categories of metal craft products customizing including brooches,2D/3D die-casting lapel pins, soft enamel lapel pins, Cloisonne enamel, hard enamel lapel pins, award medals, trophies, badges, keychains and more.

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