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Why Do Trucking Companies Use Custom Lapel Pins

‍Because custom lapel pins for trucking companies help to increase brand belonging feel, customer keeping, and work environment spirit.

Trucking companies have customized trucker lapel pins to promote their business and make it easier to be known by customers on the road. Trucker pins can be produced with your company logo or catchword, and this helps promote company awareness. Many trucking companies have also awarded their drivers with safe driver awards, etc..

Award drivers of Safe Driving

The most common recognition for truckers is safe driving pin. Many companies award their drivers a pin for every year of accident-free driving. For example, a driver who has been accident-free for 3 years might receive a 3-year pin. These pins are good reminders and rewards for safe driving. They can also be worn on uniforms as a great honor for truckers.

Company Logo

Custom pins often made with the company logo. Some companies use these custom lapel pins when attending competition events or displaying their trucks at trade shows. Others give them out to employees as encouragement or to show pride in their company or department. Having custom lapel pins made with your company logo is an great way to get your branding seen, especially when you're looking for new customers or new employees.

Service Year Lapel Pins

Many trucking companies will grant custom-designed service year pins to their employees. These pins are often given out to the driver at the end of their first year. Then, each year, they are given a new pin.

These pins often have a symbol representing the trucking company that issued them. They also have a number on it that shows how many years the driver has been working for the company.

Driver morale

Custom pins are great morale display. The drivers are proud to be working for a particular trucking company, and they enjoy passing out their pins to other truckers or customers they meet along the roadways during their travels.

Remember the name of new drivers

A trucking company maybe have many drivers, and it's easy to forget a name of a driver. Sometimes, remembering the names of your fellow workers can be very difficult. This is where custom lapel pins helps you to remember the driver’s name. Truck drivers can wear these pins on their uniform to help their colleagues or customers to recognize them.

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