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If you organize a running race, you need the best custom gold medals. Choose from custom race medals or generic. Contact us.

We make custom award medals and half marathon medals for 5k, 10k, marathons, biking, and Ironman events. Gold and silver custom medals with your logo. Personalized medals OEM custom with No Minimum Qty. Free quote.Cheap race medals from in china factory.

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We understand the importance of what you have achieved when you host a sporting event, and we strive to provide race medals that reflect that achievement.

We use high-quality metal materials and industry-leading equipment, combined with many years of OEM production experience. Whether it is 5km, marathon, Triathlon, we are your one-stop service to customize all the medals for you.

Customize your personalized medal with logo.

Whether you want to personalize the metal material, or whether you like different colors or textures, as well as the specific shape, thickness, or plating you want.

We can provide you with customized, free design services. Come and talk to us and the experts!Our team will help you customize the medal design and make medals for you.

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Why choose KINGTAI custom

Fast turnaround

We can meet almost any deadline due to our multiple tiers of production times.

Quality Guarantee

We only use the best factories and hand-inspect every order to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Whether you need 10 or 10,000 pins, we’ve got you covered with a fair price. 

Custom kitting

Custom backer cards and packaging on every order.

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