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what to write on custom key chain |Kingtai

  1. What to write on custom key chain, can be engraved with favourite or meaningful words, like lucky star, with love, forever young, healthy, successful, rich, pretty, good wishes, etc.
  2. You can print your boy/girl friends names, first word, draw a heart symbol or a song or movie that you both love.
  3. Add a cute comic book image, or some special design.
  4. Add some advertising words, depending on what industry or what products the enterprise dealing with.
  5. Fashionable words, beautiful poems, etc.

Single-sided key chain is very easy to understand from the literal view, the product pattern and LOGO only need one side, the other side is the light plane;

Double-sided key chain is a double-sided key chain with illustrations or logos on both sides.

For example: single-side drip LOGO+ single-side printing LOGO,

double-side drip LOGO or double-side LOGO printing;

3D key chain

3Dkey chain is similar to cartoon figures, more realistic appearance, and nap, cartoon figures similar. This method is relatively high production cost, generally need customers to have enough budget;

Printing key chain

this practice is more common mono color or multi color printing, according to the different planning needs of the guests to choose different printing methods.

By the way, besides what to write on custom key chain, key chain material to use is also very important. There are many kinds of materials for your selection, such as the following most common key ring materials:

  1. PVC soft plastic key chain. It is strong at various shapes, can be customized according to size and shape you like, mold fee is a little expensive though, it is the most common materials in the market. Of course there is a disadvantage that the color easily fade, after some time color become dull.
  2. Acrylic key chain. It is also named as plexiglass, it is imported material, both hollow and solid available. It is transparent, can put color paper in the middle. The hardness of acrylic determine the wear degree of key chain. Its advantage is high brightness. It is easy to clean, a few drops of toothpaste can wipe clean. It is better than traditional ceramic materials, soft and no cold feeling in winter. It is eco-friendly.
  3. Zinc alloy key chain. Zinc alloy is a good material. It is more plastic metal. With die casting, polishing, plating, enamel, UV printing, off set printing, etc. Process, surface treatment, and dropping oil to do rust treatment, to achieve perfect piece of finished product.


Kingtai craft is an expert OEM and ODM key chain manufacturer for domestic and overseas customers. We design and carry on all procedures in house.


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Post time: Jun-29-2022