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Application of lapel pin

A lapel pin is a very delicate ornament. Although it is called a pin badge, or lapel pin, or brooch, it is not only worn on the chest. Lapel pin is rich in style, colorful in color, and powerful in function. What are the applications of a lapel pin? Following is explanation of 9 big applications, please look together.

Application 1: Decorate clothes

Put a single pin badge on your shirt. I won't go into that, but that's what everybody does when they get a pin badge. Yes, more than 2, or even a lot of badges on the body will have a more unexpected effect. Like a basic sweater, you pin two rows of lapel pins on it, and the basic becomes the new one of the season!

Application 2: Match with scarves and shawls

A lapel pin is pinned on the silk scarf and scarf, which is very delicate. A few big silk scarf, big shawl, still can use the fixed action of lapel pin, drape in the body when the dress is worn.

Application 3: convenient change clothes

Shirts, T-shirts, dresses and the like are too big, so you can use a lapel pin or pin badge at the back to pull in the waist, which is convenient, simple, and chic. A few designs are drab, slant big dress again, can oneself pinch a few beautiful drape, secure with pin badge next, can put but close but change, fun is infinite.

Application 4: style collar needle

A pin badge can be pinned to the center of the neck of a shirt or cardigan, like a bow tie. A pin badge can also be pinned to the collar of a coat or shirt. Collared shirts are very popular these years, but you can buy some small pins and pin them to the collars of your existing shirts. You can change the patterns as you like.

Application 5: Decorative belt

If you have a simple belt, as long as you have a few more badges and attach them to your belt buckle, you can change your belt every day and match different styles.

Application 6: Act as a necklace pendant

Common necklace, pearl necklace, do not go up different badge , have different effect. Even if you just want an ordinary string, pin the badge on it and it will naturally become a necklace.

Application 7: bag decoration

Some non-leather bags can be decorated with various lapel pin badges. A few cheap, common bag, want to bear to fasten a delicate badge to it only, simple sense upgrades immediately!

Application 8: vamp decoration

If you want to transform ordinary pumps and sandals into dress shoes, then give them some sparkly pin badges. If you want to give your ordinary sandals a vacation look, give them some flower-like badges.

Application 9: Decorating hats

Straw hats, cloth hats, woolen hats, can be pinned to a variety of badges.


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Post time: Jul-13-2022