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A lapel pin, also known as an enamel pin, is a small pin worn on clothing, usually on the lapel of a jacket, attached to a bag, or displayed on a piece of fabric. Lapel pins can be decorative or indicate the wearer’s affiliation with an organization or cause.


Lapel pins used to be used only for special events, such as weddings or social events. The key word is “for”. Today, you can wear a lapel pin to any event you’re dressed up for. Personally, I wear lapel pins: weddings, work, work-related events, happy hours, social events, Chipotle (don’t hate), etc.


So where are the lapel pins on the suit? There is one no-compromise rule about pin placement: it must be on the left lapel. If you’re wearing it, just below the collar point and north of the pocket square. Some blazers will have button holes for this purpose


While lapel pins are standard at formal events like weddings and parties, if you know how to style them, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t wear them to interviews. They are a great way to give your look the bold yet simple style you need


Check out the soft enamel pins.

Hard enamel pins. A hard enamel pin, also known as a pole pin, is a molded pin with a hard enamel finish. …

3D mold pins. A 3D mold pin, sometimes called a die cast pin, is a custom pin made of hard enamel. …

Bias epoxy pins. …

Print pins.


Lapel pins are mainly for aesthetic purposes, so the part of the pin that is attached to the garment is designed to be hidden from view, this is known as a lapel pin back or butterfly clutch.



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