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How to make a custom PVC Rubber Key Chain | KINGTAI

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Look at the key chain a man takes, you can tell his taste. The function of a key chain is to put the keys, of course, but there are various materials on the market, the most popular one is PVC rubber. This PVC rubber key chain is made of environmentally friendly material, it is non-toxic, tasteless, no deformation.

PVC Rubber key chain is loved by many young people in the world. It is soft, long service life, and very popular in many countries. It can be custom-made to any size, any shape. The mold cost is not expensive. It is the most often used material in decoration or gift shops.

PVC Rubber key chain has various effects, the surface can be flat, 2D, 3D, etc. It can be added with transparent oil to make it transparent and translucent. And can add phosphor powder to make it glow in the dark. And can add essence to make it fragrant.

PVC Rubber key chain has a strong 3-dimensional effect, is very good advertising product.

There is only one disadvantage, which is easily become dull or dark in color.

Today here to tell you about two kinds of production process of PVC rubber key chain.

pure manual glue dropping

Firstly, one kind of production process of PVC rubber key chain, is pure manual glue dropping, this method is better for small orders. Because the speed of manual glue dropping is slower than the dispensing machine, which requires a lower mold cost at a small quantity.

Disadvantages of Pure Manual Glue Dropping

Although the mold cost can be less, but there are some disadvantages.

First, the precision is not as high standard as machines.

Second, manual glue dropping is likely to cause waste during production and processing, this is because this kind of process need to use a great number of raw materials, and manual way to mix glue may cause the problem of uneven, and will increase the defect product rate.

Base on above two reasons, the manual glue dropping process has been gradually replaced by machine glue dropping machine.

mechanical glue dispensing machine

The another kind of production process of PVC rubber key chain, is the mechanical glue dispensing machine. As for the mechanized dispensing, it’s more efficient but the mold fee would be higher so it’s better for a larger quantity. Its most important advantage is the speed of producing is faster, and can greatly shorten the production lead time.

advantage of pvc rubber key chain

A nice key chain made of PVC rubber would leave you no headache. You do not have to worry about breaking, rusting or color fading after a long term using. It won’t make you feel cold when it touches your skin in winter, unlike metals.

Kingtai craft is an expert OEM and ODM key chain manufacturer for domestic and overseas customers. We design and carry on all procedures in house.

If you would like to make your custom key chain, please feel free to contact us by emailing us or by calling us on +86-752-5706551.

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