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Lapel pins may look like a shiny gold or silver material but those metals are actually just plating. The base material of a custom pin is typically made of one of three metals: Iron, Brass or Zinc alloy. Below i have showed you how to make lapel pin for material of zinc alloy.

Step 1 Molding

To make a lapel pin first step is to make the mold,we use CNC Machine (curving machine) to make the mold.

Step 2 Die Casting

After finish molding,it comes to casting,it including small and big die-casting machine to make product size from 10mm to 220mm even bigger size.

Step 3 Polishing

After die-casting,we need to pick out the regrind material,and then put all the products to polishing to make the product looks more smoothly.

Step 4 Plating

After polishing, we put all the products to plating, we can plating products as many colors, like plating gold,plating silver,plating copper. Plating nickel,even more colors.

Step 5 Color Filling

Color Filling including machine filling and hand filling. Normally it will use machine filling if the quantity is large. And for small quantity or special color request will use hand filling. Color filling by hand request a very great skill.

Remark: Soft enamel is plating first color filling after. Hard enamel is color filling first and plating after. It depends on different crafts.

Step 6 Packing & Delivery

Packing by opp bag,or card with opp bag or box.

Delivery by express,by air,by sea.

Kingtai craft is an expert OEM and ODM lapel pins manufacturer for domestic and overseas customers. We design and carry on all procedures in house.

If you would like to make your custom lapel pins, please contact us by filling in form or by calling us on +86 752 5706551

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